Our FINER Referral Program

We're excited to introduce our new FINER Referral Program exclusively for Zetas and Amicae which will begins January 2020!

We believe Finer Women Deserve Finer Things and our Friends do, too! Spread the joy of this exclusive custom box by telling a Soror or Amicae about The Finer Things and if they sign up you both will be rewarded! 


  • For active subscribers: You will receive a link to the referral program and your custom code to share with Sorors or Amicae.
  • New subscribers will receive their own custom link after their first purchase.


  • In order to receive a discount and for the referring Soror or Amicae to receive credit, you must click through on the link and visit the site via the SHOP NOW button. This tells the site that you are being referred from the link (referring Soror or Amicae)  and it will automatically apply the discount at checkout.
  • If the referral code is not applied in this manner, it will not transmit to our system the necessary information to confirm your referral. 
  • We will not be able to apply discounts or credit subscribers without proof of link between the referral and the referee. 
  • When (5) Sorors or Amicae sign up using your referral code, we'll credit your account for (1) Finer Things or Amicae Box for the next unbilled cycle.
  • The free box will be applied towards the payment for your next unbilled box. This does not include shipping. Soror or Amicae will charged for shipping only.
  • We ask that you please do not post your referral code to coupon or share the code on voucher websites
  • The referral program is only eligible on the subscription box and not one-time gift box purchases or shop now purchases.
  • Please note: If your  code is shared on a third party website we will deactivate that code and remove all credit from that account.

We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time.