Q1 Custom Tee Exchange

This page is dedicated to the Q1 2020 Custom Tee Replacement Program.  Please note that this offer for exchange will expire on
Wednesday, April 15th at 11:59PM.
To get started you must have your order number (located on your mailing label on the lower right hand corner) and email address. 
Once you have entered your request, we will follow-up with an email with return shipping label.
Click below to begin:



1. If I request a unisex tee, how long will it take to be received?

A: 4-6 weeks. We will email once the garment is available for shipment. 

2. If I request a larger slim fit tee, how long will it take to be received? 

A: If we have inventory, you will receive within 5-7 days. If we have any issue fulfilling your order, we will advise via email. 

3. Is there a size chart I can look at to compare the sizes? 

A: Yes, you can see both the slim cut tee and the unisex tee for both garments. There is no give in the tee due to the stitching. We recommend sizing up once or twice in the slim fit tee click here

4. What if my newly requested slim fit tee still does not fit? 

A: Please visit the portal and submit a note or email us at

5. What sizes are being offered for exchange? 

A: Sizes Small - 2XL are being offered for an exchange. 3XL and 4XL were unisex tees by default. 

6. Can I exchange my Q1 pullover? 

A No, that is not an option. 

7. What if I miss the deadline, can I get a partial refund?

A: Per our terms of service, all sales are final after 24 hours and there are no refunds. This is a one-time courtesy.