Shipping Updates | Q2 2021

Greetings Sorors and Amicae: 

The Q2 2021 Box is delayed due to the late arrival of (2) items. 

We have been tracking slowdowns across the shipping lanes all month which have impacted the receipt of these goods.  Unfortunately, the global pandemic continues to impact supply chain logistics, ports, customs and shipping and receiving both via air and sea freight. While we start production months in advance to allow for ample time for goods to be received, the delays that we are experiencing are out of our control.  

As soon as we have confirmation that the shipments have been received in full by our shippers, we will begin the shipping process. 

If you are not receiving any email communications, please locate our HELP button on the website and drop up a line so we can ensure that you receive all future subscriber only updates. 



OPS Team