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The next opportunity to join the service will be April 1st. 

Welcome To The Finer Things

The ONLY quarterly subscription box designed exclusively for a Zeta Woman and Amicae.

About Us

Happy Centennial Year Sorors and Amicae

Finer Women Deserve Finer Things!

The Finer Things is a quarterly subscription box designed exclusively for a Zeta Woman and Amicae by Zeta Women.  Our box boasts a collection of high-quality, hand-crafted and customized paraphernalia based on the principle of Finer Womanhood.  

Each quarter, you will receive a themed subscription box with up to five unique high-end items from our exclusive line of Finer products shipped directly to your door! The Finer Things is a perfect gift for your line sister's birthday, line anniversary, your secret Soror, line crossings and anything that celebrates the Finer Women in your life! 

We've partnered with Sorors, designers, artisans, jewelers, and a variety of vendors to design a custom line of products that celebrate the essence of a Finer Woman with a goal of infusing the principle into every facet of your life. 


We are excited to share that we've recently been approved to be a Licensed Vendor for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated as well as a Centennial Approved Vendor!

We look forward to sharing with you a new collection of items featuring a new brand of Amicae and Zeta items in the coming weeks. 

How It Works!

Select Your Plan!

We offer the only quarterly subscription box for a Finer Woman and Amicae. Select your plan here!

Select The Perfect Fit!

We want to ensure our custom creations fit you just right. Along with the selection of your subscription plan, be sure to consult the size chart and select the perfect fit for you!

Your Finer Things Are On The Way!

Once your payment is processed, we'll take it from there!

We take approximately 45 days to customize each box based on your perfect fit and our quarterly theme. The Q1 box is expected to ship by the first week of March.

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Why Choose The Finer Things?

We are a passionate group of Sorors who recognized a void in the market  for high-quality, customized paraphernalia that celebrates the essence of Finer Womanhood. 

Simply put, a Finer woman understands a Finer woman.... and as Sorors, we recognize the unique qualities that draw women from all walks of life to become members of our illustrious organization. We leverage that knowledge, passion and pride to create a quarterly subscription box that enriches your life and deepens your connection to Finer Womanhood. 

We truly believe in our brand's promise..... Finer Women Deserve Finer Things. 

Nobody Celebrates a Finer Woman Like a Another Finer Woman!

What Sorors Are Saying About The finer things!

Soror, you got this right! I'm so pleased! This is FINER indeed! Great job, I can't wait until the next box!

Soror Kimberly

Soror you out did yourself with this box! I received my box  today and I was totally in tears! I could feel the time, effort, time and perfection and most of all the LOVE you put into designing and creating. I cannot wait for my next box!

Soror L. Nash

I'm happy as I can be! I can't wait to see what will be in the next box!

Soror Jenean

I Q3 Finer Things box..yes...hunty.

Soror Chastity Clemons

Excellent quality work! I’m in love!

Soror Tameka Bullock

This box is a great value for what's inside! 5 items like this would cost easily $100! It's a steal at $49.99

Soror Tamasha Vann