About Us

Greetings Sorors and Amicae!
My name is Andrea Luma (formerly Hamilton), Zeta, Wife, Mother, Sister and Founder of The Finer Things 1920. I’m sure you’re curious about who may be spearheading this venture for a Finer Woman. I’d like to tell you a story of how my love for gifting and my love for Zeta aligned to create The Finer Things 1920.

The Gift of Gifting

I love giving gifts and the more customized the better! Over the last few years, my line sisters and I take an annual reunion trip to unplug and reconnect as Sorors. One of our rituals is our Secret Soror gift exchange. It is the highlight of our trip, with reveals taking place on our first night together!

Once I know who my Secret Soror is, I would start plotting --- spending months collecting items that I know she'll enjoy - pictures and mementos, pairing them with things that blend the personal and practical while adding special touches just for her! There is nothing like receiving a customized gift made especially for you, reflecting the time, thoughtfulness and consideration from one person to another.

What does this have to do with The Finer Things 1920 -- a lot! As I would search for custom gifts, I would find absolutely beautiful representations of other organizations but little at the same level for a Finer Woman. There was a void in the market for high-quality and custom items just for a Zeta Woman and the harder I looked the less I found!

The Evolution of a Brand

My wheels started turning and it sparked ideas, that led to conversations with one Soror and then more Sorors, and I got busy researching how to bring to life The Finer Things 1920. I’ve partnered with Sorors who make up the Finer Things Team as participants in the conversations to full on contributors to the custom designs we create. I’ve partnered with Soror vendor/partners, non-Greek vendors, jewelers, artisans who are working on custom items that are simply FINER. We are not a copy of someone else, but truly an original.  I say this often -- nobody takes care of you like your own! A Finer Woman is to be celebrated. The Finer Things 1920 is about celebrating the FINER WOMAN and there is no one better suited to do the job other FINER WOMEN.

Everything we include in the quarterly box is intentional and we designed it with you in mind. There is nothing in the box that I wouldn’t feel proud to display or wear as a Finer Woman. I hope you would consider supporting us as we support you!

Thank you for reading!  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions via email at support@thefinerthings1920.com

Visit our How It Works Page for an overview of the service. 

In Sisterly Love,

Soror Luma