Q2 2024 Summer Box - Pre-Shipping Updates

Q2 2024 Summer Box | Summertime FINE

Here's what you need to know: 

We're thrilled to announce that we're in the final stages of preparing to ship the Q2 2024 Summer Box! With a growing number of new subscribers, we'd like to take a moment to go over our pre-shipping process with you. You will be receiving a total of three emails regarding shipping information. This is the first of the series. 

This email will cover: 

  • Address Updates 
  • Shipping Timelines

Address Updates:

  • If you've moved and haven't updated your address directly with us, please take a moment to do so by clicking the link to submit a Help Desk ticket. We'll be accepting address changes until Friday, June 7th by 5 p.m.
  • If you've previously confirmed your address change by submitting a Help Desk ticket in the last 30 days and received a confirmation, kindly disregard this message.
  • However, if you updated your address through your account and didn't communicate it to our team via a Help Desk ticket, please contact us so we can ensure our records are accurate.
  • Once packages have been packed and labeled, redirection during transit is not possible. Delivery will take place at the address associated with the account. In the event of a package requiring reshipment due to an outdated address, there will be a reshipment fee of $15.00.

Shipping Timeline & Reminders: 

  • We expect to start shipping the week of June 10th with our aim to be complete by the end of the week.
  • We will ship in batches by size.  All tracking numbers will not be received at the same time. If your size is a L, XL or  2XL, please know these batches are our largest size batches so you will experience a lag in receiving your tracking numbers.
  • Once we hand packages off to carriers they are responsible for delivery.
  • Track your packages and please be patient, as carriers are working to ensure packages make it to their destinations.  
Once we move into active shipping phase, we will send another email.