Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: I subscribed to quarterly subscription box but I when I put in my email address it says, I don't have an account or account not found. What do I do?

This means you need to create an account.  The manage your account function and the subscription operate separately. You can have an active subscription and not have an account set-up.

Click here for a complete overview of how to set-up and access your account. 


Q: When do account updates take effect?

If you update your account after your billing has been processed, it will take effect the following the next quarter. If you desire for an update like size or address to be effective immediately, please reach out to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button on our website. 

Size requests after billing has been processed are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Help Desk team.

Address updates made after billing has been processed will take effect the next quarter. If you have moved during the quarter, please reach out to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button on our website.  to update your mailing address.


Q: How do I update my billing information? 

You can find the guide to update your billing information here. You must have created an account to be able to make billing updates. If not, see the complete overview guide. 

Q: My subscription box was cancelled. I updated my billing information; will I get the current box?

No. If your box has been cancelled and you reactive your account – you will be billed for the next upcoming quarter. If you want to be billed for the current quarter, reach out to the Help Desk team to see if inventory is available to accommodate you.


Q: What’s included in the quarterly box?

We include one custom designed garment each quarter which we pair with up to 4 additional items each quarter based on our quarterly theme. We focus on quantity over quantity and do not guarantee a minimum number of items.  Quarterly themes and garment types are shared with subscribers at the time of order.

Q: Can I see the items before I purchase the box?

No. The nature of a subscription box relies heavily on the element of surprise. As a result, we do not disclose the custom garment each quarter. We provide subscribers with hints around the type of garment and provide fit guidance in the event they need to update their size.

Q: I don't like the content of my subscription box; can I return it?

No. We do not accept returns for subscription box items. We do offer exchanges only for sized items within any given quarter. Reach out to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button.



Q: How do I pay for my subscription box? 

All orders for our subscription box are processed via our website only during our open enrollment periods each quarter. We do not take payments via  PayPal, Venmo, CashApp nor do we offer invoices. The only way to join the service is to go through our website during the quarterly open enrollment periods. 

Q: How often do you open the subscription box up for new subscribers?

We have open enrollment periods four times per year. The subscription box opens the 1st month of a new quarter - January, April, July and October. The specific date will be shared with all registered on our email list and then via our social media platforms. Space is limited each quarter and we do sell out quickly. 

We recommend following us on Facebook  and Instagram for the updates on availability, contests and etc. 

Q: How often would I receive a box once I become a subscriber?

Depending on when you subscribe, you can receive up to 4 boxes a year.

Q: When and how often do you bill? 

Your 1st quarterly box subscription is billed immediately. All future payments will be billed on the 1st day of the month of the new quarter - April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st or on the date listed in your account.

Q: Can I cancel or skip a quarter?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Here's how cancellations work:

You can login and cancel at any time. Box skips are limited to 180 days in advance (up to 3 quarters).  We ask that you cancel up to 24 hours before the next billing cycle (i.e., the last day of the calendar quarter).

After 24 hours, all sales are considered final, and you will receive your box during the next shipment.

You may also skip a quarter and elect not to be billed in up to 3 quarters.  In order to skip a quarter, you need to log into your account. If you are unsure how to do that, see question #1. 

Q: Can I receive a refund on my box order after the subscription window has passed but before I get my box. 

No. After 24 hours, all sales are considered final, and you will receive your box during the next shipment. 



Q: I am an existing subscriber and I need to update my size, but I don't know how. 

If you need to make a size change, please login to your account and select your new size. If you have already been billed, the size change will take effect for the next quarterly box. 

If you are requesting a size change for the current box (billed, not shipped) Please reach out to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button to make this update. Size updates after you have been billed for the quarter are not guaranteed until confirmed by the Help Desk.

Q: Help, I ordered the wrong size - what do I do? 

If you have ordered the wrong size during open enrollment, please submit a request to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button on our website.  We will cancel your existing new order and request that you order again in the while we are open. 



Q: When do the boxes ship?

We will ship in the last month of the given quarter.  Due to the size of the subscriber base from time to time we will experience delays. We will communicate delays via email or on our website. Please follow us and subscribe to receive emails. 

Q: Is shipping or tax included?

No, shipping and sales tax are not included (sales tax applicable in Florida only). The shipping cost is $15.00 per box.

Q: How are boxes shipped?

Boxes are shipped via the USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL. The exact carrier is determined based on carrier availability at the time of shipments. Most Sorors, excluding military can expect to receive their shipments within 3-7 days. Delivery timelines are not guaranteed.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we ship to the islands and to all military locations. 

Q: If shipping is delayed, will I get a refund for any kind for shipping fee?

No, shipping delays do not qualify for a reduction in the cost of shipping.



Q: Help, I ordered the wrong size - what do I do? 

If you have ordered the wrong size during open enrollment, please submit a request via the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button. 

We will cancel your existing new order and request that you order again in the while we are open. We will not manually update sizes for new subscribers.

Q: What if my products are damaged or I receive the wrong size*?

If your products are damaged or you receive the wrong size, please provide pictures of the damaged piece(s) to the Help Desk via the Chat with Us button our website. You have (10) days to notify us of any issues.

Q: Do you take returns or exchanges?

No, we do not take returns and we will offer exchanges on items based solely on availability. For all returns, subscribers are responsible for sending items back to us - regardless of issue.  If your item is found to be defective or we've packed your box with the wrong size, we will exchange, send a non-defective item or offer a credit. You have (10) days from the receipt of your items to notify us of an issue.

All sales are final, and products contained in the box belong to the receipt upon delivery.


Q: My package was marked delivered but not received or is lost in transit? What do I do? 

If your package is marked delivered and not received, please check around with your neighbors or leasing office is appropriate. If you are unable to recover the package, we ask that reach out to the Help Desk via our Chat with Us button on the website to enter a help ticket. 

We will either reship the items to you, provide a store credit or request further information for our investigation.

A package is considered lost in transit after 20 days of consecutive non-movement. Once the package reaches that milestone, we will file a claim and reship the package, if inventory is available.